Do’s and Don’ts in Hiring Event Staff

Are you going to have a promotional event for the brand of your company? Are you looking for someone to do the event planning and making? There are many companies locally you can inquire about this service, but the question here is “Are they what I need?”.

Due to many choices, it is essential that you can narrow down some of the best event staff company to hire. How can you do that? Below are some do’s and don’ts that will help you with this task.

Don’ts of Hiring Event Staff

a. Don’t take long to decide whom to hire. When the event is almost nearing, don’t decide for you to keep the staff waiting. It might be important that you should consider carefully whom to hire and thoroughly research the staff but taking a week or two to decide is already long enough to keep them waiting. Remember, they also have schedules and work to do. Other clients are waiting for them. So if you decide long, you may end up having not event staff to hire. The one best for your event is already hired for other events. To get the best service, you must do your job and immediately search for the candidate to do the promotional event of your company.

b. Don’t hire someone who cannot do the job of representing the image of your company. The staff you are going to hire will be responsible if your event is a success or not. They will be the face of the event

and how they represent your company will be in their hands. Make sure you hire someone that can do the work of representing the brand image of the business.

c. Don’t hire someone who cannot understand your needs. When you are going to have an event, make sure you have a plan. Your plan will be your control and guide on the occasion. If you have a plan, you can communicate it with the event planner you are going to hire. Make sure when you are telling them your plan, they can also visualize what you want to have. It is important to know that the one you are hiring gets you and understand what you need.

Do’s of Hiring Event Staff

a. Do involve your team in the hiring process. It is a disaster in making when you have a team and staff who are not working well together. That is why you have to make sure that the staff you are hiring is favorable to your team. How? Involve the team in the hiring process. In this way, you can guarantee that together they can complement each other. The success of your event will not just because of the event staff but as well as the team you have within your company. You can ask their opinions and consult on things you are not sure.

b. Do interview before hiring. The company usually interview people first before hiring. Just like the team you have in the company. They are also interviewing first before they got the job. Same as the event staffing team you are going to hire for a specific event only. It would be best if you got to know them first and interviewing is one way. You can ask them to come to your office, call them or even do Skype interview.

c. Do ask for a portfolio. To prove that what they say is whom they are, providing a work sample is essential. You can evaluate further about the service staff you are going to hire by the work they have done from previous clients.

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