Things that Contains Asbestos That Might Shock You

People are gradually obtaining health conditions from inhaling asbestos, like asbestosis and lung cancer. You might be aware of the usual places that have asbestos in it like your roofing tiles or the heater in your home. But, have you ever thought about the surprising places with asbestos? If yes, check out this article to know more about this: 


You shouldn’t worry, it is less likely that the following occurred to you. Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451 and Stephen King’s “Firestarter” were bound in asbestos and silver material. Insane right? The reason for this is to prevent anyone from burning their books. As a matter of fact, the “Fahrenheit 451” rare first edition’s bidding began at 600 dollars and was listed on eBay. 

Bowling balls 

Visiting a bowling alley with your friends and family might appear innocent. And the only thing that you fear upon going into this place is the possibility of dropping the 6 kg. ball on your foot. However, are you aware that traditional bowling balls are some of those surprising places where asbestos are found? 

Because of this, the factory workers who manufacture the bowling balls are known to be more at risk due to asbestos exposure. They are required to drill holes into the balls, causing the asbestos to possibly be dropped on the fingers of the workers or have been scattered into the air.  

But take note that the modern bowling balls now are made out of polymer. However, there’s still possible that you might be grasping on a traditional bowling ball that contains asbestos. 


You should be checking and researching the ingredients of the crayons before you choose to buy a pack of crayons for your niece, nephew, and even your kids and give it to them as an innocent gift. Way back 2013, an investigation was performed by an environmental agency and it has found out that 4/28 boxes of crayons have asbestos in it since they have hints of carcinogen. A carcinogen is a dangerous substance that could pose cancer in your body. Because of these findings, there were a lot of crayon brands that were affected. 

Talcum powder 

This kind of powder is widely utilized all over the world for different purposes, like chalks and sweets, in chewing gums, and in baby powder. Talcum powder is made out of talc that has oxygen, magnesium, and silicon. It’s proven that the talcum powder in baby powders have fibers of asbestos. One of the brands that were proven to have talcum powder is the cosmetics company, Johnson & Johnson.  

Vintage home appliances 

Are you currently considering to purchase an older appliance online to save a few bucks? If so, you should think about that again. Historically speaking, asbestos was one of the ingredients used in appliances that involved insulation. Antique hair dryers would give off the air that’s contaminated with asbestos into the user while it’s switched on. The wear and tear in wires that are utilized for appliances in old houses like irons and toasters might provide fibers that have asbestos. To have an asbestos survey in your home or appliance, contact us.  

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